The new generation of the SNIPER-STRAP SYSTEM
Less Swinging – Better Spinning

The SUN-SNIPER-STRAP is the next generation of fast, smooth and ultra-comfortable camera straps for professional photographers.
The camera hangs at the waist and can be hoisted quickly, safely and always ready to shoot.

tl_files/sunsniper/ROTABALL BILDER/Systemchart_SSG_Rotaball.png  Find the suitable SNIPER STRAP in the ROTABALL SYSTEM-CHART

tl_files/sunsniper/ROTABALL BILDER/Rotaball_Katalog_klein.pngYou find all information about the SNIPER STRAP ROTABALL system  in our catalogue.

Here you can browse our catalog online.

tl_files/sunsniper/ROTABALL Pressebilder/FAZ_deutsch.pngThe best SNIPER STRAP camera strap of all times!

This writes the FAZ on the ROTABALL PRO.