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Q: What is so special about the SNIPER-STRAPS?

A: SNIPER-STRAPS are unlike any other camera straps. When you lift the camera, you do not lift the strap with it. The strap stays down and the camera just glides up the (railway) strap. It is like there is no strap attached to the camera until the camera is down in “rest position. ”


A: There are two main historical feature s in the SNIPER-STRAPS:

  • The gliding function of the strap debuted two centuries ago with the “US Cavalry Carbine Sling 1885".
  • The upside down connection with a sling attached was already in use with many photo and film cameras in the fifties and sixties.

Q: Will SUN-SNIPER integrate pouches for cell phones or memory cards into the shoulder pad ?

A: No, definitely not. This section of the system should be able to form itself snug-tight to the shape of every individual body.

Q: Is SUN-SNIPER only available in black?

A: The professionals like it completely black, so that is our main color. But when you look at the SUN-SNIPER videos, you will notice that we have introduced a beautiful mixture of black and gold. We will offer even more variety in the future. The nice thing is, you can swap to the color you like by just changing the shoulder pad.