Egestorf, June 7, 2016.

SUN-SNIPER revolutionizes the camera strap and introduces new features. SUN-SNIPER is already well know for its innovative product design, providing the greatest professionalism, comfort and safety, and being ready to shoot in a flash. And now the company is enhancing its SNIPER-STRAP system with new developments. Each of the seven ROTABALL models now has a ROTABALL CONNECTOR and a BLOKKER. The stainless steel mono-multi ball bearing (a large ball turning in 32 small balls) allows the camera to pivot freely and without obstruction. The rubber washer with its SNAKESKIN structure provides the safest connection to the strap. And even more security is ensured by the BLOKKER: a newly developed pin that blocks the connector at the camera to prevent the camera from being unscrewed by anyone not authorized to do so.

"As an innovative leader in the industry, we place great emphasis on ensuring that our products are state-ofthe- art, utilizing all the new technology available. This is why we continue to develop new features and improve the existing functions of our straps, providing photographers with the most comfortable and secure straps for carrying their cameras," explains Peter Geller, owner and CEO of SUN-SNIPER.



The seven ROTABALL straps are designed to meet the most varied needs of professional and amateur photographers. In addition to the new ROTABALL CONNECTOR and the BLOKKER, the integrated SHOCK ABSORBER has also been improved. And the LIMITER feature prevents the camera from swinging back, while PITT ensures that the shoulder pad fits snugly and does not slide around.


The steel cable is invisibly woven into five of the ROTABALL models (PRO, TRAVELER, DPH, TPH and BPS). New: The steel cable runs completely through the rubbery SHOCK ABSORBER as well. This safety tool protects from theft caused by cutting, burning or melting the straps. But if despite these precautions a thief should still prove successful, the SUN-SNIPER insurance will cover up to 1000.00 EURO of the loss. (Additional information on the insurance can be found under

"I have ridden at least 2500 km on horseback through Africa, Australia and Europe, with my M + SL + S Leicas on the SIN-SNIPER strap, ready to shoot the next picture," says Florian Wagner, wildlife and outdoor sports photographer. He always has the camera close by, hanging safely by his body and ready for the next shot. The adventurer has been using SUN-SNIPER straps for his reports as seen from atop a horse. "The reliability, strain relief and especially the security of the SUN-SNIPER straps are essential to my survival."


ROTABALL straps can bear loads of up to five kilos in camera and lens weight. "Our camera straps of course also pass tougher tests, e.g. applying loads up to 80 kg. But then we cannot guarantee the stability of the camera bodies," adds Peter Geller. "When performing the stress test, we focused particularly on the fact that the weight of the camera multiplies significantly due to the up-and-down motion caused by running, even with the SHOCK ABSORBER providing compensation."


After founding SUNBOUNCE, a company specializing exclusively in reflector systems for photography and film, over 20 years ago, Peter Geller in 2009 started SUN-SNIPER, producing revolutionary camera straps for photographers. Peter Geller's aim is to make photographers' work easier with his products. After all, he knows all about what the pros need: He was the last German photographer to win the "World Press Photo Award," and that was 45 years ago. And he won it twice.

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