SUN-SNIPER Insurance

SUN-SNIPER: Free Supplementary CAMERA Theft Insurance

* If despite the steel cable woven into the strap a thief manages to cut your SUN-SNIPER camera strap with a knife and steal your camera, you are insured for up to 1000.00 EUR.

All SNIPER STRAPS with "STEEL" as well as the EASY-GLYDER are insured for two years from the date of purchase when you register them online within 14 days of purchase.

  • Rotaball PRO = 1 strap
  • EASY-GLYDER = 1 strap
  • DPH = 2 side straps
  • TPH = 2 side straps
  • TRAVELER = 1 strap

Insurance Policy Conditions

The insurance covers only the loss of the camera when the SUN-SNIPER camera strap with a steel cable woven into it can be proven to have been destroyed by external influence. The SUN-SNIPER camera strap has to have been worn on your body as described in the manufacturer’s instructions at the time of damage. The sequence of events has to be documented by a police report (potential charges officially filed), and the destroyed SUN-SNIPER strap must be submitted.

In addition, you will immediately receive a new SNIPER strap. You pay only the postage. (As well as any minimal duty that may be charged for shipping to a foreign country)

The insurance coverage applies for 24 months from the date of purchase, as long as you registered your product under:

(Including date of damage, German time zone). This jurisdiction of this special insurance is limited to the EU and the USA.

Amount of reimbursement:
Up to 1000.00 EUR per camera

The insurance is an optional service, free of charge for you, offered by SUN-SNIPER GmbH and governed by German law. The insurance is not a component of the purchase price. To receive this insurance, the product has to be registered online within 14 days of purchase and the insurance terms have to be accepted under

The place of jurisdiction is Winsen/ Luhe – Germany

This supplementary SUN-SNIPER CAMERA theft insurance is a gift to you from Wolfgang-Peter Geller.


Note: You need register only once for the insurance. Other products an the warranty are then automatically included.

Please click here and fill in the registration form.