If a thief manages to cut your SUN-SNIPER "STEEL" camera strap with a knife and steal your camera, you are insured for up to 1000 EUR.

All SNIPER STRAPS with „STEEL“ and the EASY-GLYDER are insured for 2 years from day of purchase after registration on our web-site which needs to be done within two weeks after the customer bought the strap.

  • TPH = 2 Side-Straps
  • DPH = 2 Side-Straps
  • PRO = 1 Strap
  • TRAVELER = 1 Strap
  • EASY-GLYDER = 1 Strap

Conditions of insurance

The insurance covers all SNIPER-STRAPS with steel wire (except THE “ONE“) against the loss of the camera when destruction of the SUN-SNIPER camera strap can be proven. This does not include accessories or added parts. Loss must have occured when a person was wearing the SNIPER-STRAP “STEEL & BEAR“ properly, in compliance with the manufacturer´s instructions. The sequence of events has to be documented by a police report (charges officially filed), and the destroyed SUN-SNIPER STRAP must be submitted to SUN-SNIPER GmbH.

Upon request, SUN-SNIPER GmbH will replace the damaged strap free of charge. You will be charged only for postage and for any (usually minimal) duties that may be levied.

The insurance coverage applies worldwide within 24 months of purchase and registration (including the day of damage, according to German time).

Amount of reimbursement:
Up to 1,000.00 EUR

The insurance is an optional service, free of charge, offered by SUN-SNIPER GmbH and governed by German law. The insurance is not a component of the purchase price. To qualify for the insurance, online registration is required and the conditions of the policy must be accepted within 14 days of purchase. Please go to:

Place of jurisdiction is Winsen/ Luhe, Germany.


Attention: for the insurance cover a unique registration is enough. With it other products as well as the guarantee are also enclosed.

Online Insurance and Warranty Registration

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